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Access donors eager to fund your access to justice and social justice campaigns.

We’ll match funds up to $500 for your first campaign

Who We Work With

We work with social justice advocates and legal services providers for low- and middle-income individuals and families.

crowdfunding for public defenders

Public Defenders

crowdfunding for legal aid

Legal Aid

crowdfunding for public interest attorneys

Public Interest Law Firms

crowdfunding for law school clinics

Law School Clinics

crowdfunding for social justice

Social Justice Projects

Our previous clients include:

How It Works

You know what funding your organization needs to grow the supply of justice. We're here to help you get it.

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Join to connect with donors eager to support your organization

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Create campaigns to attract the funds your organization needs


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Work with our team to hone your message and achieve funding success

Crowdfunding Platform

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open source resources for crowdfunding

Leveraging open-source technology, we have created a feature-rich crowdfunding platform for qualifying organizations to utilize.

We offer two account options to choose between - Basic and Premium.

Reduced Costs

Pay no platform or penalty fees, and your donors pay only transaction fees with no markup.

Matching Funds

See donations increase, dollar-for-dollar (or more), to help your campaign reach its goal.

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Labor$250/hr.@ 50 hours$12,500

Expense Itemization

Detail your projected expenditures on your campaign page to amplify donor trust.

Donor Synergy

Our community of donors is united in their support for justice in all its forms.

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Explore All Crowdfunding Features

Basic Crowdfunding Features


Provide accountability to potential donors to increase confidence in your campaign


Publicly display the support of other organizations on your campaign page

PayPal® Transactions

Give donors peace-of-mind through this secure payment gateway

Expanded Capacity

Create up to 5 free campaigns at a time using your Basic Account

Social Sharing

Leverage the social media networks of your audience to increase exposure

Responsive Design

Ensure that your campaign will properly render regardless of what device it is accessed from

Campaign Updates

Increase audience engagement by sharing updates about the progress of your campaign

Dashboards and Reports

Learn what is working best for your campaigns by accessing donor activity data


Our tailored development process begins when your account is created

Premium Crowdfunding Features


Expand your reach through increased website referrals from search enginges


Display your unique brand throughout your customized portal

Multi-User Access

Grant access to your whole team to maximize platform engagement

Custom Email Receipts

Provide IRS-compliant receipts for tax-deductible donations

Scalable Hosting

Utilize greater server capacity to improve donor UX (user experience)


Leverage big data to fine-tune your campaign's message

MailChimp® Integration

Fuse crowdfunding with marketing automation and email newsletters

HubSpot® Integration

Integrate with CRM (customer relationship management)


Our tailored development process begins when your account is created

Crowdfunding Campaign Management

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To complement our newly-redesigned crowdfunding platform, we offer our clients holistic campaign management services to drive campaign funding success. We operate using an iterative approach, meaning that we continuously engage our clients about what works and what does not, and then make changes accordingly.

Our Campaign Management Roadmap

crowdfunding campaign management roadmap

Services Include:

Article Submission

Campaign Copywriting

Return on Investment

Matching Funds Formation

Target Audience

Partnership Development

E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Creative Services

Creative Services

Press Releases

Public Relations

Market Research

Prospect Identification

SEO Monitoring

Prospect Profiling

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Join a unique community with a holistic approach to fundraising success

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Meet Our Team

Henry Perlstein, J.D.

Web developer & #access2justice advocate

Sam Rose

Technologist & nonprofiteer

Sara Jamhour

Public relations student @ Univ. of Florida

Our Advisors

Bennett Brummer, Esq.

Fmr. Miami-Dade County Public Defender

Arnold Perlstein, Esq.

Board Member @ Advance Gender Equity in the Arts

Kathryn Wasula

Founder @ Lemkos Vegan Bakery

Stephanie M. Marchman, Esq.

Advisory Board Member @ UF Innovate | The Hub

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